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adult code blue documentation form - OmaHoteL Mature Photo Documentation of Ladies

ADULT CODE BLUE and RSI DRUGS DRUG & CONC. DOSE FREQUENCY COMMENTS Adenosine 3 mg/ml vial 6 mg IVP x 1 dose; If no response after min, may repeat 12 mg IV x1 dose. Give VERY RAPID IVP over sec. followed by 20 ml saline flush Amiodarone 50 mg/ml vial Pulseless VT or VF: mg IVP. After IVP, Flush with 20 ml of D5W or NS. Stable VT. 1. Quality auditing form: Nursing documentation 2. Triple-check form 3. Resident care status survey tool 4. Preadmission screen 5. Dysphagia audit 6. Psychotropic audit 7. Urinary catheter reminder order 8. Urinary catheter checklist 9. Medical staff documentation audit Safety rounds audit Kitchen/dietary audit Discharge record.

Documentation during a code blue differs from facility to facility. Different electronic health record systems have specific methods for code documentation. During the code, the recorder reminds the code team leader every 2 minutes when it's time for a compressor role switch and the time, name, and dose of the last medication administered. To view, download or print any of the forms Outpatient Surgery Magazine offers online, please select it from the choices below.. Note: Documents marked with "PDF" (portable document format) are readable with Acrobat Reader, available here for free. Documents marked with "XLS" (Excel spreadsheet) are readable with Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet software.

Code (Code Blue) Mock Drill. This is a tool to assist the center in identifying actions required during a code blue situation. (If your facility has a different code name, ie DR STAT, replace code blue in document with your current procedure) Objective. code blue form_nursing s t a r t o f c o d e r e s u s c i t a t i o n e f f o r t s white copy = chart yellow copy = icu medical director pink copy = pharmacy d r u g s d r u g s / f l u i d / r a t e time / dose time / dose time / dose time / dose time / dose time / dose.