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adult coed softball rules - Say England RULES and you can FUCK me in my ASS

Men's, Women's, and Co-Rec Slow Pitch Softball Rules Current A.S.A. slow pitch rules will be enforced unless exceptions are noted: 1. GENERAL A. Forfeit time has been established as game time. Teams should report to the Intramural Sports Staff Assistant a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the game to fill out the scoreFile Size: 75KB. CO-ED SOFTBALL RULES AND REGULATIONS Field of Play The field of play will be a regulation softball field. The bases will be approximately 60 feet apart. Regulation Game All games will last a total of seven innings or sixty minutes, whichever comes first. A game isFile Size: KB.

**Co-Ed Single Game Leagues at Two Rivers have an outfield line that fielders must stand behind for female batters.** Number of players in the infield: Teams may only have 4 players on the infield (plus the pitcher and catcher). Teams may NOT play a “5-Man Infield”. An outfielder may not enter the infield until the ball is hit. PITCHING. Softball Co-Ed Rules. 1. The batting order for coed softball has to alternate the sexes. Teams may start the game with the following numbers of players, with the noted conditions: Starting with 9 players -- If a team elects to start the game with 9 players, the 10th spot in the batting order will be an automatic out. The batting order will.