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Buy Lisa Simpson Pop Art - The Simpsons Canvas Paint By Number kit or check our new collections adult paint by numbers Lisa Simpson Art - Cartoons Paint By Numbers quantity Thanks to adult paint by numbers, will have the power to create the most beautiful piece of art. And the best part is that you have a clear, less cluttered, and less. A pro-incest campaigner is facing jail over sick cartoon pictures of Bart Simpson having sex with his sister Lisa and mother Marge.. Andrew Smith, 55, from Kendal, in Cumbria, claimed the images.

The Dirty Old Man and the Lisa 2 years ago It's a weeknight and Homer is a home enjoying a few drinks. Before you know it, he is sloppy drunk. He then makes an unforgivable mistake and that scars Lisa. Things will never be the same in the Simpson house. The Simpsons seems to have predicted the future once again, with new US vice president Kamala Harris wearing an inauguration outfit very similar to Lisa Simpson’s presidential suit. An adult version of Lisa wears the outfit when she becomes president in the time-hopping episode Bart To The Future, in which she takes over from Donald Trump.

Anonymous: The Simpsons is so disliked/hated now. Is because no cartoon has ever been around for so long. Its country it came out in , and in other countries the early 90s. (Not including the sorts they went) Look what year and decade it is now. Lisa Comics Lisa Comics was a one-shot, with the sole story being Lisa in Wordland, a parody of Alice in Wonderland. It was released in April and tells the tale of Lisa Simpson getting caught in an alternate reality called Wordland while chasing after a postman.