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Our adult Cotons come from the very best kennels. With over 27 years of breeding experience, we understand that beautiful, healthy puppies come from, beautiful, healthy adult dogs. Coton De Tulears. Home. Available Puppies. Available Adult Cotons. Some Past Litters. Litter# 2. Litter# 3. Litter# 4. Litter# 5. Litter# 6. Elsie's Litter. Zoe's 1st Litter. Chloe's 1st Litter. Isabelle's Litter. Sales Contract. Contact Us. Life's Abundance Pet Food. Your New Puppy. One Plus One.

Hi there! My name is Jim Hadwin and I am an avid owner of 3 Cotons de Tulear and one Italian Bolognese from Deb's Darlin Dogs. Deb Wilson and I became fast friends when I purchased my first Coton, Finnian Claude. Deb admired my passion for the 2 breeds and my ability to handle multiple dogs. Bentley the Coton de Tulear at 4 years old—"Who could resist this smile?Bentley is a total joy. The breed’s intelligence is amazing. He loves riding in the car, visiting the farmer’s market, playing hide-and-seek with the squirrels and rabbits and his version of fetch with anyone who will throw a toy his way.

We generally have puppies with color and at least one or two tall coton puppies in each litter. The black and white puppies keep all or most of their color, and the tri-color puppies only fade a little as adult dogs. To see pictures of some of our puppies as adults, go to our Adult Photos page. Sweet and cuddly with a clownish personality, the Coton de Tulear dog breed is always ready for a good time. This smart little dog with the cottony coat originated in Madagascar and is related to.