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adult female dolls - Female doll Transformation

-Piper Doll heads are not interchangeable, more realistic looking -EVO skeleton, all piper dolls can squat, shrug shoulders and more flexible than most other sex dolls Height: cm/4 feet 9 inches Material: TPE. Bust Size: 89cm/35 inches K Cup Waist: . The DS doll skin silicone upgrade. We always researching new silicone skin for our doll, for better user experience. All our doll use the new silicone since The current new silicone is very soft, with the damping effect, skin tone feel more like real woman. New material of oil leak much reduced, no more shining on the doll skin.

The dolls are made to specification and there are 10 female body types and 16 inter-changeable female faces. They are completely customizable, all the way down to the make up and fingernail colors. You can’t deny the skill involved in creating the Realdolls, but the tagline makes me want to hurl. Never be lonely again. | Adult Life Size Dolls. Welcome to My blog Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

-The doll heater is equipped with an internal temperature control sensor but it is still advised to not leave the doll alone when it is being heated to prevent any damage. -The socket and power adapter are not waterproof, do not let water come in contact with either of these surfaces. Super-Flexible Female Seamless Body S09C Large-Suntan - Phicen 1/6 Scale Sold Out Our price: $ Gamora - with baby Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy V.2 - Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Figure Sold Out.