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adult fiction super heroines fimme 4 - Latex Lez Super-heroine

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Categories: Fiction» Adventure» Action, Fiction» Gay & lesbian fiction» Lesbian ( from 1 review) Second story that has as its protagonist the Panther Woman. On this occasion, the courageous and mature super-heroine faces a young woman, a very skilled thief who will put in . superheroines (fem vs fem) super-sparrow’s downfall. deconstructing kelly. eden and the amazon. the belle of the ball. super eliza vs the champ. super-kat’s bigest fan. bat vs schoolgirl. arizona heroines. bat trap 3. heroine overdose 4. supergirl’s prey. confession time 2. saya’s first day.

This category features some of the sexiest women dressed in superheroine costuming and fighting scary supervillains in a slick, short film treatment! We will be featuriung amazons, catsuited women, and other popular superheroine themes in this on-going sultry superheroine series! Paris Kennedy presents: SuperHeroine World!!