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Do you want even MORE HELP with your English? Visit my website and join the Ivy League English Club for FREE study resources. For more information about my online English classes for adults. A: It’s not poison sumac it’s mature (“adult”) English ivy. Gardeners easily recognize the typically three-lobed leaves of English ivy in the landscape but they are actually seeing the “juvenile” form of the vine. When English ivy has grown in the same spot for years, new leaves assume a non-lobed shape and the plant begins flowering.

In autumn, the flowers of English ivy become visible. They are tiny and greenish yellow, soon followed by blue-black berries. When English ivy begins to flower, the leaves change their shape from the pointed lobes of the juvenile stage to the more rounded lobes of the adult stage. Climbing English ivy adds a unique vertical dimension to gardening. Adult ivy shrubs no longer feel the need to crawl around and conquer the rest of the plant kingdom. Although adult ivy shrubs have the ability to reproduce by seed, we have seen no seedlings in our trials. Thanks to Richard Davis of the Ivy Farm for allowing us to offer his adult ivy .