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Aug 18,  · An older adult may not have the interest to cook a meal for themselves. Some find tasks such as shopping for groceries and preparing cooking ingredients too tedious. When seniors are unmotivated to cook, they end up making . Jul 27,  · As the name indicates, Independent Living (IL) is the senior housing option that works for older adults when no on-site care is needed. It typically includes full services for maintenance-free Author: Sara Zeff Geber.

Retirement Community and Facility Types Active Adult Communities include single-family homes, town homes, cluster homes, manufactured housing and multifamily housing. There are two types: age-restricted and age-targeted. Age-Restricted Communities are specifically aimed at persons age 55 and older. May 07,  · If you are an older adult living in the community, you may face some challenges during an emergency. For example, you may have mobility problems, or chronic health conditions, or you may not have any family or friends nearby to support you.