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Join the debate here:***CLICK THAT BELL ICON TO GET NOTIFICATIONS*** BTC: 1E5G8rX. > > Maybe a full list of the adult content roms should be added to the FAQ? > nah, possibly just the existence of MCM and a pointer to the site. But the FAQ is for .

MAME is a multi-purpose emulation framework. MAME’s purpose is to preserve decades of software history. As electronic technology continues to rush forward, MAME prevents this important "vintage" software from being lost and forgotten. This is achieved by documenting the hardware and how it . CD-ROMs and DVDs of adult material, often digitized images or (very) short film clips. Popular for a short time in the era of the s before DVD availability and lower costs of duplication ended the market.

Top 25 MAME ROMs. Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3/VER.C1) The King of Fighters Magic Plus II (bootleg) Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (USA )» The King of Fighters (NGM)(NGH)» Metal Slug 6» Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (World )» Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes (JPN, USA, EUR, ASI, AUS) (Rev A). Beach Festival World Championship ; Big Twin; Block Gal; Boong-Ga Boong-Ga; Bubble (or Hot Bubble); Cannon Ball; Canvas Croquis; Dancing Eyes; Disco Boy; Double Point.