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Musk oxen live in the frozen Arctic and roam the tundra in search of the roots, mosses, and lichens that sustain them. In winter, they use their hooves to dig through snow to graze on these plants. Adult weight of musk ox can be between to pounds. Many Palmer area folks have taken special interest in the 20 pound babies, born every spring. There are opportunities to help feed the babies in the nursery barn, adopt or sponsor the young ones.

Length: Male: 2 – m (Adult), Female: – 2 m (Adult). The total Greenlandic stock of musk oxen today is unknown. The latest counts of musk oxen in Northeast Greenland are approx. 20 years old and estimated the stock to be , animals. An adult musk ox can shed up to 5 or 6 pounds of qiviut every spring; however, the adult average on the farm is approximately pounds. Last year, the farm harvested more than pounds of fiber. Since Mark came on board in , the herd size has doubled, and there are now more than eighty head.

A fully-grown male musk ox stands 4–5 feet tall and weighs up to 1, pounds, and both sexes have horns, although they are trimmed and tipped for safety at the farm. An adult musk ox will defiantly charge and head-butt a predator. An adult musk ox could produce about 2 pounds of sellable qiviut a year. At about $ an ounce, you could make up to $6, a year per animal on qiviut alone. But the supply issues of finding the.