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adult sauna ireland - Kylie Ireland-Cheating Housewife-

Some sauna novice fans are wondering how to use the infrared sauna and a Finnish sauna. Here are a handful of tips to maximize your sauna experience. The general rule is to use a nude dry sauna. While in the case of a sauna in a public place, this can be a problem, while investing in a home sauna. Luxury Sauna Steam rooms in Ireland. Choose Helo, the world’s largest sauna and steam manufacturer. Call for more information.

Founded by Sebastian Mierau and Johannes Kettelhodt, Clearlight Saunas International is the parent company for Clearlight Saunas Ireland. Born from a passion for innovating health with the best technology, the business and the vision has grown by providing the best infrared saunas . Aquasun supplies superb saunas throughout Ireland, including conventional, infrared and barrel models. Contact us today for a free quote on a home sauna. 01 69 29 (Dublin).