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After a few months of sharing my wife with our friend, I confessed to her that although I liked the sex part of it, I also really got turned on just sitting back and watching her fuck our friend! I aked her how she would feel about checking out a few swinger sites and finding guys . lifestyle; real life; true stories; Samantha X reveals confronting sex request she received from client’s wife. Every week, Paul’s wife gives him a white envelope filled with cash and asks him.

My wife told me one night that it had been over a year since she had had wife offer me to her and we did the same as you. so i under stand what you said about liking it i did to. all up i think we had sex about 8 times then one night the 3 of us agreed that her self confedance was better and that we should return to normal. My wife and I have a rule we can f*** anyone we want but only one time. The exception is when our job sends us away for a week or two conference then if she finds someone she likes she can f*** him all she wants there but when it is over she can never f*** him again. One year she told me she hooked up with a guy and she just moved into her room and they f***** every night of they were there.

I've had this fantasy about sharing my wife with another man for a good few years now. We have great sex and always have! It was during sex we started to talk quite dirty & I used this opportunity to bring up my fantasy of sharing her with another man. Remember that wife-sharing is not about cheating. It is the complete opposite, in fact. It is the act of introducing a third person to your sex life in order to enrich it and breathe more energy into it, and to make you and your partner all the more sure of your relationship.