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Spanking safely is important - if you are new please read FAQ before spanking. Choosing your implement depends on how, why, and from what position you are spanking. Different implements will vary in sting, residual pain, bruising, and accuracy. It is usually best to have a variety of implements, allowing for a wide variety of spankings and effects. Spanking Implements Spanking Positions Over or Under the Clothes Frequently Asked Questions Ready to Get Started? BEGINNING DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE: BROUGHT TO YOU BY LEARNING DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE What is Domestic Discipline? If you look on 10 different domestic discipline websites that attempt to define this lifestyle.

Tagged adult spanking, domestic discipline, self spanking, self spanking tips, spanking post. I found this image containing tips for self spankers and thought I would share. I know there are times when self spanking is the only option, my favorite implement for these occasions is the slipper, easy to use and very effective! Gerry. The Definitive List of 20 Spanking Implements And Tools. May 11, Steve Spanking, Spanking tools 8. The The ratings given are for implements used with average force upon a lightly clothed adult bottom. “L” Light implements should only .

The art of S&M is not all about whips and chains. It's mostly about your imagination. So use it occasionally. My point is to be creative. Having said that, let me get back to the subject of. Gallery in the Implement folder. “The right tool for the right job” my Grandpa use to say. 2. What's your favorite scenario? That's easier, I enjoy the variety, and most of all enjoy creating the scene with the intensity that the naughty boy or girl will best relate to. 3. What's the most severe spanking you've ever given?