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And when prior understanding of a particular concept is built around misconceptions, those misconceptions can prove incredibly stubborn. Many of us are familiar with the interviews conducted with graduates of Harvard University some years ago; the result was that 21 out of 23 graduates revealed significant misconceptions when asked to explain. Dec 06,  · Here are five common misconceptions that international students have about studying in the U.S.: 1. Getting the Degree Is the Only Thing Yes, it .

Jun 20,  · Introduction Adult learners are a unique student demographic on the rise at colleges and universities around the country. There are several characteristics to describe adult learners; parent, care-giver, slow learner, self- directed, motivated, community leader, focused, smart, and goal oriented. These characteristics will vary amongst adult learners as a whole, but this paper will focus. Notice this speaker refers to reading as studying, implying that he sees adult education as an environment in which the student is tested. These comments suggest that it is important for adult education providers to realize that many adult students are unlikely to succeed in an environment that looks and feels like school.

Apr 19,  · 6 Common Misconceptions About College Students We're not really that bad, I swear. Alyssa Upchurch. Apr 19, Michigan State University. It sometimes seems as if us college students are a subhuman species. When adults refer to "college students," there are many things that are automatically assumed that aren't even. Mar 27,  · "Adults think we only use our phone for social media and not for studying." —limag "Whenever I even touch my phone, adults always say, 'There she goes, always on her phone!'.