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Jim Bob, The normal range for a white blood cell (WBC) count is about 5, to 10, per cu mm. Thus 25, is moderately high. Different causes are possible ranging from infection to leukemia. Very important is whether the WBCs are mature, immature, and which of . Leukocytosis: It means leukocytosis which is an abnormally high white blood cell (WBC) count. This finding can be associated with multiple clinical conditions including infections/inflammatory states but also leukemia. A value of 20, is quite high (normal: - 11, ), therefore a consultation with your physician or a hematologist is strongly recommended.

The WBC count is typically >12,/mm3, with a median peak cell count of 26,/mm3 during hospitalization. The combination of a maximally increased WBC count and partial thromboplastin time (PTT) are predictive of death. Some patients with hantavirus pulmonary syndrome may present with leukopenia (WBC. WBC = White blood cells. Elevated WBC, or leukocytosis, has a number of causes, ranging from infection to inflammation to cancer. Depending on the cell type(s) increased and the person’s symptoms (if any), the possibilities can be narrowed down.

In adults, a WBC count of more than 11, per microliter of blood is considered higher than healthy. What Causes High White Blood Cell Count? In general, a high white blood cell count may indicate that: You have an increased production of WBCs in the bone marrow. Normal levels of WBC are Elevated levels can be due to infection and anemia. But a levels of is something mater of special concern. It might be due to anemia or leukemia.