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Nov 16,  · An elbow fracture is a break in one or more of the bones that form your elbow joint. Aug 24,  · Each year, many people suffer from an elbow fracture, which is another term for a broken elbow. Elbow fractures can result from a fall, a direct blow to the elbow, or an abnormal twisting of the arm. Here are 6 signs that you may have an elbow fracture: Swelling and bruising of the elbow.

A radial head fracture is usually caused by a fall on the outstretched hand. The force is transferred from the hand through the forearm to the elbow. There is immediate pain on the outside of the elbow. There is usually bleeding from the fracture into the elbow joint causing swelling around the elbow. Commonly, fractures around the elbow in adults are treated with surgery to reduce the chance of healing problems, stiffness and arthritis. If the break heals in a poor position, there could be a significant loss of function or movement in the elbow. There are different types of surgery performed to fix these types of Size: KB.

Elbow fractures may result from a fall, a direct impact to the elbow, or a twisting injury to the arm. Sprains, strains or dislocations may occur at the same time as a fracture. X-rays are used to confirm if a fracture is present and if the bones are out of place. Sometimes a CT (Computed Tomography) scan might be needed to get further detail. This can occur for a number of reasons, including: The patient does not follow directions after surgery. The patient has a health problem, such as diabetes, that slows healing. Smoking or using other tobacco products also If the fracture was associated with a cut in the skin (open fracture).