BBC Condom Cock vs Spanish Slut - africans too illiterate to use condoms


africans too illiterate to use condoms - BBC Condom Cock vs Spanish Slut

African men use many excuses to convince women not to use condoms during sexual contact. Women of my generation express the fear that the use of a “little, plastic bag” may not be healthy for their for the vagina, because if the condom breaks or slips off of the penis, the condom may end up floating inside the vagina and lead to serious. I’m sure you’ve heard it too. The way it is normally told, it is very much about making the [presumably] illiterate villagers seem at best stupid and at worst beyond hope. The undertone often being that aid doesn’t work (even though you don’t need an aid programme to give out condoms), that Africa is a basket case.

Africans resist condom message Listen to Africa Live Cultural views of intimacy are causing many Africans to reject condoms and risk contracting HIV, . South Africa has the greatest number of people living with HIV in the world, with an estimated % of the adult population infected. Although large-scale HIV prevention efforts have resulted in a decrease in new infections, risky sexual behavior and insufficient levels of condom use continue to drive the HIV epidemic.

Condoms are viewed, particularly by young men, as "eating the sweets with the wrapper on". "You have a culture here where men believe they are sexually entitled to women," Dr Rachel Jewkes, a senior scientist with the South African Medical Council, told BBC World Service's Africa Live! programme. After all, condom use can reduce the odds of HIV transmission during an act of intercourse. However, one study of over seventeen thousand people in Africa showed that inconsistent condom use was not protective against HIV. I.