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The Indigenous Literacy Foundation works as an initiative of the Australian Book Industry with the support of: The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is registered with the ACNC and is a Public Benevolent Institution with DGR1 and TCC status. The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) is dedicated to raising language, literacy and numeracy standards in Australia and raises funds to develop, implement and sustain innovative projects for individuals, families and communities.

ALA’s pre-budget submission A significant percentage of Australian adults have low literacy (43%), numeracy (54%) and digital skills; impacting around three million or one-fifth of working aged Australians. The data on adult literacy and numeracy tells us that there is . The ABS Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey (ALLS) was conducted from July to January and aimed to measure the literacy skills of Australians aged years. Four domains of literacy were measured including prose literacy, document literacy, numeracy and problem solving.

QCAL (Queensland Council for Adult Literacy) is a voluntary non-profit organisation representing Adult Literacy in Queensland. QCAL promotes literacy . Adult Literacy Programs that Change Lives Helping adults gain literacy skills helps reduce poverty, improve public health, and advance human rights around the world. Our powerful network of over , members, customers, donors, partners, and advocates around the world carry out programs and projects that change lives.