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Nov 17,  · Carl Jung was born in July 26, The psychologist has been vital in the world of psychology throughout his career, until his death in June 6, Carl Jung established a theory, which saw universal types in human personality. The types categorized by Carl Jung are present in all of us. Jun 26,  · Jung published numerous works during his lifetime, and his ideas have had reverberations traveling beyond the field of psychiatry, extending into art, literature and religion as well.

Jan 14,  · Alternative Title: Carl Gustav Jung Carl Jung, in full Carl Gustav Jung, (born July 26, , Kesswil, Switzerland—died June 6, , Küsnacht), Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist who founded analytic psychology, in some aspects a response to Sigmund Freud ’s psychoanalysis. Apr 10,  · The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung () did not formulate a specific stage theory of the human life cycle as did his mentor Sigmund Freud who theorized about the stages of psycho-sexual development (oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital).

The Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung was one of the major forces responsible for bringing psychological (having to do with the mind and its processes) thought and its theories into the twentieth century. Jung's youth and personal life. Jun 04,  · Carl Jung, Psychosocial Development, and Early Adult Life Psychosocial theory, like psychosexual theory, divides childhood into five distinct stages. Erikson’s fourth stage of development occurs during primary school years ( years of age), centers on the psychosocial crisis of industry versus inferiority, and runs parallel to ()