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"No," Cassie Sandsmark replied as she rubbed her temples. "He just can't take the hint." Cassie had broken up with her previous boyfriend, Zachary Matthews, a week ago, but the high-school football player apparently couldn't understand the concept of break-ups. He had been texting and calling her repeatedly for hours on end every day since they. Jul 16,  · As a result of recent plot developments in my fanfic "Like Mother, Like Daughter", Cassie Sandsmark has discovered her innate power to grow into a taller, more amazonian form. Of course, having a best friend who's a size-changer in .

Character/Relationship(s): Tim Drake/Cassie Sandsmark Rating: K Warnings: None, really. Just that this is a reboot!fic and that there are heavy spoilers for Teen Titans 2. Story Word Count: Disclaimer: I don't own anything recognizable. Notes: The title is awful, but I . Cross-Posted on; Summary. Wally West was dead or so everyone thinks. What if he really just got transported the JL universe but now he's found his way back. Cassie Sandsmark () Dick Grayson (73) Bart Allen (68) Kon-El | Conner Kent (59) Jaime Reyes (52) Bruce Wayne (42) M'gann M'orzz (41) Artemis Crock (40) Barbara Gordon.

Oct 16,  · She and Cassie Sandsmark cross paths, but Kara quickly finds that rekindling their friendship might be more difficult than she thought, especially when it quickly turns into something more. (Commissioned fic from Tumblr). Title: Waiting for What Will and Won't Author: angel_gidget Claim: Tim Drake/Cassie Sandsmark Characters/Pairing: Tim/Cassie, Kon/Cassie Rating: PG Word Count: 2, Prompt: # Freeze Ray Summary: Five comparisons Cassie Sandsmark would come to regret, and one promise that made all the difference. Requested by amichandrn. Disclaimer: Me no own. Author's .