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detective story adult game - Water World Adult Game Gameplay

The Detective story is a perfect mix of cinematic storytelling, classic hidden object game and puzzles. Dip into the mystical adventure where you have to search and find all the clues, solve the. This game is based on real events The story narrates events that occurred in Philadelphia several years ago. One day, an unusual package arrived to the office of your detective agency containing a locked box. Shortly afterwards, you received a strange phone call.

The game is a detective game where you get set of evidences and need to decide who is the criminal. You get set physical objects in combination with digital parts and use them for investigation. At the end of the process players need to enter the name of the criminal and it will be validated if it's correct. Detective Love – Story Games with Choices is a brand new love story dating game with many interesting episodes and captivating crime stories! Help our main heroine prove that she is a true.

To play this dark stories game you need at least two people. One will act as the host and the other will play as the detective. The detective (s) must ask questions to which the host can only respond with "YES", "NO" or "I don't know". If the detective guesses one of the hints, the host should tick it off.