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t-marc condom - Mature Brittany Stryker with Marc Wallice

Condoms are still the most effective way for preventing STDs and unplanned pregnancies On February 14 T-MARC Tanzania joined the world to celebrate the International Condom Awareness Day with a call for more advocacy on condom use for March 12, Social enterprising - the way to go for sustainable services and products. Condoms are scientifically recommended as potential products for preventing infections attributable to human immuno-deficiency viruses (HIV). T-Marc Newletter , Volume 1, Issue 5, January-.

T-MARC is forming public-partnerships that will develop and expand consumer markets for a broad range of health products (e.g., condoms, contraceptives, diarrhea treatment products, malaria prevention and treatment products, etc) and promote behavior change that will improve public health. The primary objectives of the T-MARC project were. Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday during the commemoration of the International Condom Awareness Day, Director for Social Enterprise at T-MARC Tanzania which promotes the use of condoms Flavian Ngole said Tanzania stands a better chance of ending Aids and other sexually transmitted infections if women used their influence to discourage unprotected intercourse.

Jun 03,  · Increase the supply and sales of Dume Condoms and Flexi P Oral Contraceptive Methods (OCPs) to target willing and able to pay for these products. Increas the effective demand among target consumer groups for Dume and Flexi P products. Transition T-MARC’s health products (Dume and Flexi P) marketing from grant dependence to a self-. Dume condoms are distributed in Tanzania by T-MARC Tanzania through the support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and have been in the Tanzanian market for 9 years now with the main aim of preventing HIV/AIDS infections within the most at .