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ascites evaluation and treatment in adults - Teeny assistant fucks old boss for good evaluation

This topic will review the evaluation of adults with ascites. Performance of paracentesis, specific causes of ascites, the initial therapy of ascites in patients with cirrhosis, and the treatment of refractory ascites . Initial evaluation should include an extensive assessment of the patient's medical history and determination of the etiology. In patients not at risk for cirrhosis, other causes of ascites should be sought, such as cancer, congestive heart failure, tuberculosis, hemodialysis, or pancreatitis.

Jul 15,  · Treatment for ascites includes curing or managing the disease causing ascites, limit your fluid intake, avoid alcohol, limit the amount salt in your diet, and other lifestyle changes. Complications of ascites include bleeding from the lower intestine, kidney failure, and other complications of cirrhosis of the liver. Dec 07,  · (See "Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in adults: Diagnosis".) This topic will review the treatment and prophylaxis of SBP. The performance of paracentesis, the pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and diagnosis of SBP, and the general evaluation of adults with ascites are discussed elsewhere.

May 06,  · with ascites in the setting of alcoholic liver disease. (Class IIb, Level C) 9. First-line treatment of patients with cirrhosis and ascites consists of sodium restriction (88 mmol per day [ mg per day], diet education,) and diuretics (oral spironolactone with or without oral furosemide). (Class IIa, Level A) File Size: 1MB. adequate diagnosis is necessary for successful treatment. Ascites can be classified as: mild ascites only detectable by ultrasound (grade 1), moderate ascites evident by moderate symmetrical distension of the abdomen (grade 2), and.