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Brookfield states that he is not following traditional critical thinking paths (Brookfield, ). He is instead attempting to develop a method tailored to the needs and purposes of adult education. There is not a universal definition of critical thinking for adult education. Jan 14,  · Developing Critical Thinking (continued)“For these three reasons the development of critical thinking is an overarching aim of college teaching [and adult education] that crosses curricular contexts, educational settings, and the disciplinary identities with which teachers ally themselves” (Myers, ; cited in Brookfield, , p. .

Abstract The author discusses the process of critical thinking and his belief that it is social process, New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. Volume , Issue Assessing Critical Thinking. Stephen D. Brookfield. Search for more papers by this author. Stephen D. Brookfield. Search for more papers by this by: Abstract: " In this interview, Stephen Brookfield responds to questions from Thomas Kalliath and Marilyn Laiken on a range of topics, including connections between adult education and management education, lifelong learning, team learning, organizational and workplace learning, and corporate social responsibility."Author: Diane Schrecker.

Dec 30,  · In this wide-ranging interview, we discuss continuities and watersheds of Professor Stephen Brookfield’s world-renowned and massive contributions to Higher Education and Adult Education. While Brookfield’s work demonstrates a remarkable continuity in terms of multi-angled perspectives on critical thinking and democratisation, there are also some Author: Stephen D. Brookfield, Jürgen Rudolph, Eric Yeo. Feb 17,  · The Brookfield Model of Reflection is a tool that helps teachers discover the value of their lessons through critical self-reflection. Brookfield indicates that critically reflective teachers make excellent teachers that are able to convey their own voice to others in an authentic way.