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Jan 28,  · Pediatricians believe at present that rickets is so common in the large cities of America and Europe that few children among the poorer classes are untouched by it. It is now asserted with confidence 1 that the disease may develop on any milk mixture and on almost all foods or combinations of them ordinarily given to children. More surprising, however, is the generally admitted further circumstance that even breast-fed . Oct 08,  · Vitamin D deficiency rickets among breastfed infants is rare, but it can occur if an infant does not receive additional vitamin D from foods, a vitamin D supplement, or adequate exposure to sunlight. Do infants get enough vitamin D from breast milk?

Although rickets is rarely found in the United States, some researchers have reported that rickets is making a comeback, particularly among African American infants. [4] Possible explanations for this increase include an increase in the breastfeeding of infants, fewer parents giving their children vitamin D supplements, and parents being more careful to keep their infants out of the sun.